Menstrual Heating Self Massage Period Pain Relief Warming Belt Thermal Massager Stomach Heating Belt

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  • Brand Name: SALORIE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Certification: CE
  • Application: Waist
  • Size: Medium
  • Model Number: menstrual heating belt
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Apply for 1: Abdomen
  • Apply for 2: abdominal
  • Name 1: massage abdominal
  • Name 2: abdominal apparatus
  • Name 3: belly warmer
  • Name 4: electric abdominal
  • Name 5: heating pad
  • Name 6: heated products
  • Name 7: menstrual heating pad
  • Name 8: period heating pad
  • Name 9: heating pad for menstrual cramps
  • Name 10: heating pad for menstrual
  • Name 11: portable heating pad
  • Name 12: menstrual colic heater
  • Name 13: belly heating belt
  • Name 14: heating belt menstrual
  • Name 15: abdominal warming
  • Function: Vibration Massage
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Heating: 3-gear Heating
  • Support dropshipping: dropshipping
  • Type 1: electric thermal strap
  • Type 2: heat pads for pain
  • Type 3: heating pad for cramps
  • Type 4: hot pad for pain relief
  • Type 5: Abdominal equipment
  • Type 6: abdominal machine
  • Type 7: belt for abdominal presses
  • Type 8: for belly press
  • Type 9: mentrual heating pad
  • Type 10: period cramp massager
  • Type 11: period cramp simulator
  • Type 12: period cramp relief
  • Type 13: menstrual relief pad
  • Type 14: menstrual colic
  • Type 15: period cramp
  • Type 16: period pain relief device
  • Type 17: menstrual pain device
  • Type 18: menstrual pain machine
  • Type 19: menstrual pain relief electric heating
  • Type 20: menstrual pain relief
  • Type 21: menstrual pain
  • Type 22: menstrual pad relief
  • Type 23: relieve menstrual pain heating ab massage
  • Type 24: warmer abdominal apparatus menstrual pain
  • Type 25: period cramp relief
  • Type 26: menstrual cycle pain
  • Type 27: menstrual colica massager
  • Type 28: belly massager
  • Type 29: Menstrual cramps
  • Type 30: period pain
  • Type 31: period massager
  • Type 32: period pain relief
  • Type 33: menstrual heating
  • Type 34: belly pain
  • Type 35: relief menstrual colic pain
  • Type 36: abdominal massager
  • Type 37: relieve menstrual pain
  • Type 38: period relief
  • Type 39: menstrual cramps pain relief
  • Type 40: cramps pain relief
  • Type 41: cramp massager
  • Type 42: period heat
  • Type 43: period cramp belly warmer
  • Type 44: menstrual relief
  • Type 45: menstrual massager
  • Type 46: heating pad menstrual
  • Type 47: heat pads for period pain
  • Type 48: belly heating
  • Type 49: abdominal pain
  • Type 50: period cramp relief device
  • Type 51: menstrual cramps belt
  • Type 52: menstrual pain relief device
  • Type 53: anti menstrual pain
  • Type 54: waist pain massager
  • Type 55: period pain reliever
  • Type 56: pain relief belt
  • Type 57: relieve menstrual pain heating massage

Tips: machine is usb rechargeable, can be used wireless after full charging.


Type A:

3-Gear Vibration massage;
3-Gear Heating (45°/50°/60°);
3 seconds quick heating;
Larger area heating, NTC intelligent temperature control;
automatic timing 30 minutes;
Usb rechargeable(Type C charging interface).


Type B:

3-Gear Vibration massage;
3-Gear Heating (45°/50°/65°);
Five seconds quick heating;
Smart thermostat control;
Usb rechargeable (Product-specific charging cable


Dropshipping, wholesale:

please contact us or directly place orders to buy.


Use safety materials, heat evenly, and have high safety, no need to worry about insufficient heat or overheating and burns.
Switching position, three-speed constant temperature 45-65 degrees, freely adjustable .
rapid heating, rapid heat generation, no need to wait.
USB charging,it can be connected to power, computer and charging treasure.

Type A:


Type B:




Prohibit the use of crowd:

1.Moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases are forbidden to be used in patients with severe heart disease.
2.Patients with skin sensory impairment or skin abnormality are prohibited from using it.
3.Patients with gout during the onset of the disease or who have not fully recovered from gout are forbidden to use.
4.Patients with cervical tumors are forbidden to use.
5.Prohibition of pregnancy.


1.It is recommended not to use the high-grade temperature for more than 8 minutes
2.The skin sensitive recommendation is to use it through the clothes.



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